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Hunting Style for the Active Outdoors Women

We supply technical, functional, feminine and fit-for-purpose ladies hunting, shooting and outdoors clothing and accessories. Our collections are organised to make it simple and easy to browse and shop for the most suitable clothing to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable when spending time in our great outdoors, exploring new areas, watching the wildlife, sitting in a high seat, stalking the woodlands, working your dogs, standing on peg, or hiking the mountains.

We offer an online shopping experience that aims to take the time out of searching for your hunting and outdoors clothing with as much information on each item as possible to make it easy for you to find the most suitable items to suit your activity and environment so you can spend less time online and more time out in nature.

British Country Clothing

An outstanding collection for women

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Our Seasonal Collections

Winter clothing for hunting and hiking by GT Outdoors Italy

Winter Clothing for Mountain Lovers

Hunting, hiking or just enjoying winter wanders, our collection of feminine and functional winter clothing will keep you warm even in the coldest mountain conditions.

Base layer clothing for hunting, hiking and outdoor activities.

Stay Cosy on your Winter Adventures

Good base layers can be the difference between enjoying your outdoor activities being warm and comfortable or putting on a brave face when you're cold. Our collection of base layers and thermal underwear will ensure your comfort.

Deerhunter Trousers available from Lady Hunter Clothing UK

Technical Trousers for Active Adventures

Looking for a new pair of technical trousers for hunting, hiking or outdoor adventures? We have a great selection of ladies trousers to keep you warm, dry and comfortable.