Woodwalker Lady Boots 17" 4mm

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The Woodwalker Lady boots from the Gateway1 footwear collection are outstanding boots suitable for any woodland pursuits in any weather. They are strong, durable, and benefit from a moisture transporting lining to keep you dry and warm. These boots are lightweight and comfortable with a shock-absorbing outer sole that works just like a running shoe. The rough outsole also offers good grip on soft ground, and they have a heel kicker function. The calf fit is normal but with an adjustable gusset with strap and grip fastening at the back to ensure a comfortable fit for all lower leg sizes. The Woodwalker boots are technical and functional with an All-terrain Gripper 2.0 on the outsole, a TPU Shank, G1 -stage 3 footbed, a neoprene coil lining +4mm and the upper made from G1 70 Vulcanised natural rubber. They are also tested to keep your feet warm down to -20C. As with most rubber boots it is advisable to order a size or two above your usual shoe size to ensure a comfortable fit around the toes, especially if wearing thick socks.

Colour: Dark Brown

Lightweight | Warm | Durable | Strong | Comfortable | Shock-Absorbing Outsole | Heel Kicker | Moisture Transporting Lining | Neoprene Coil Lining | Adjustable Gusset | Adjustable Calf Strap with Grip Fastener | All-Terrain Gripper | TPU Shank | G1 -stage3 Footbed | G1 70 Vulcanised Natural Rubber | Comfort in Cold Weather to -20C.

Outsole: All-Terrain Gripper 2.0 | Shank: TPU | Footbed: G1 -stage3 Footbed | Lining: Coil Lining +4mm neoprene | Upper: G1 70 Vulcanised Natural Rubber

For more information on the technologies and fabrics for Gateway1 Boots please refer to our Buyers Guides.

Care Information:
To care for your rubber boots and maintain function, extend durability and life span we recommend treating them from time to time with Gateway 1 Rubber Conditioner. Never leave your boots in direct sunlight or sun. Never dry your rubber boots by a heater. Never store your rubber boots in a closed bag.

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Woodwalker Lady Boots 17" 4mm