Sneaky 3D Cap w. Facemask

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The Sneaky 3D Face Mask with cap is part of a hunting collection from Deerhunter that offers excellent camouflage and soundless hunting clothing. Deerhunter's own Innovation camouflage pattern has been developed to provide maximum camouflage from the ground up to a height of 180cm, and the Sneaky 3D range has been developed for active hunters and ornithologists who need to blend in with their environments and get closer to the game. This 3D face mask has a cap over the eyes and a mesh covering for your face and offers maximum camouflage making you invisible. Matching jacket, trousers, a face mask with cap, and gloves are also available.

Colour: Deerhunter Innovation Camouflage

Innovative Camo | 3D Camo | Maximun Camo | Silent | Adjustable | Part of a 3D Camouflage Collection

Shell - 100% Polyester

Washing Instructions:
Wash separately and inside out at 30 degrees. Do not use softener. Line dry. Gentle dry clean.

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Sneaky 3D Cap w. Facemask