Deerhunter Sneaky 3D Cap w. Facemask

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This 3Dimensional cap offers excellent camouflage and soundless hunting headwear, complete with full face and neck meshing.

Deerhunter's Innovation camouflage pattern has been developed to provide maximum camouflage from the ground up to a height of 180cm.

The Sneaky 3D range has been developed for active hunters and ornithologists who need to blend in with their environments and get closer to the game.

This 3D cap features fabric imitating leaves on the top and a mesh covering the face and neck for complete protection from insects and maximum blending into your surroundings.

The GH Innovation Camouflage unique to Deerhunter is versatile, light and open, and designed for different altitudes and climates. The camouflage is perfect for most vegetation types in northern and southern Europe, while its greenish effects make it particularly suitable for spring, summer and early autumn. GH stands for global hunting.

Matching gloves also available.

Size: One Size

Colour: Deerhunter Innovation GH Camouflage

Innovative Camo | 3D Camo | Maximun Camo | Silent | Adjustable |

100% Polyester

Washing Instructions:
We recommend washing separately and inside out at max 30 degrees using a non-scented and non-biological washing detergent without using fabric softener. It is best to naturally air dry. A gentle dry clean can be used.

For specific washing instructions always refer to the manufacturers guidelines.

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Deerhunter Sneaky 3D Cap w. Facemask