Huntflex Mask

Shooterking Huntflex Mask Forest Mist | Lady Hunter UK


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Designed as a quick and easy lower face and full head covering to help keep your head and face warm, reduce visible breath in cold air and increase camouflage through its Forest Mist digital camouflage print. 

Inspired by nature throughout the seasons, Forest Mist digital camouflage contains six colours and adapts to varying light levels as well as foliage and landscapes. Ideally suited to the landscapes of Scotland and Scandinavia and has undergone professional testing, in real life hunting situations, and has proven to get hunters closer to their target.

This lightweight, breathable mask is waterproof and windproof, constructed from soft, stretchable and silent Hunt Lite 3L fabric.

The unique three-layer properties of Hunt Lite 3L ensure the mask is durable and hard-wearing, and has been designed with active hunters in mind.

Ideal for deer stalking, wild boar and moose hunting, high seat or tree stand.

Shooterking branding through out, and purchased with Shooterking's customer guarantee.

Suitable for both men and women.

Colour: Forest Mist

Hunt Lite 3L Functional Fabric | Forest Mist Camouflage | Water Resistant | Windproof | Light | Quick Drying | Highly breathable | Ventilation | Quiet | 2-Year Warranty

Fabric: 100% Polyester