Shooterking Fortem Mask

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A lightweight and extremely warm full covering facemask for hunting and outdoor activities in extreme cold and winter weather conditions.

Constructed from both polyester and merino wool to keep the heat in and also regulate your body temperature. Ideal for activities where you may be staying still for long periods, and when moving around building up body heat and needing breathability.

Soft merino wool is naturally water resistant, provides excellent ventilation and is quick drying, whilst the polyester is windproof and great for maintaining body heat when staying still.

An ideal facemask to keep you well hidden from animals and stay warm allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities in cold climates.

Shooterking branding throughout. Comfortable and silent fabrics in neutral dark olive and black contrasting panels.

Purchased with Shooterking's customer guarantee.

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Colour: Dark Olive/Black.

Windproof | Water Resistant | Quick Drying | Highly breathable | Warm | 

Fabric - 100% Polyester | 100% Merino Wool

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Shooterking Fortem Mask