Rubber Boot Conditioner 150ml

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The Rubber Boot Conditioner from Gateway1 will care for your rubber footwear to maintain function, extending durability and lifespan. Rubber conditioner treats the rubber to prevent cracks and drying out. The conditioner has a build-in UV absorber that absorbs and neutralises any UV radiation before it attacks the rubber.  Gateway1 Rubber conditioner nourishes the natural rubber in depth so it remains a as good as new and also keeps out any microscopic dirt particles that penetrate into the rubber. By treating your rubber footwear with Gateway1 Rubber conditioner you ensure the rubber is cleaned in depth and the dirt removed extending the life of your boots. Treating your boots regularly with Rubber conditioner makes them easier to clean. Rinsing the boots with water when regularly treated ensure the dirt rinses off easily. The UV absorber also helps to protect the boots against colour fading and hydration which can attack the rubber in your boots.

Size: 150ml

How to Use:
Clean your rubber boots with fresh clean water and dry the with a cotton cloth. Spray the rubber conditioner to all rubber parts and leave for 2-5 minutes. Wipe off excess Rubber conditioner with a cotton cloth and the boots are ready to be stored in a dry and dark environment, preferably less than 20C.

Boot Care Recommendations:
Never leave your boots in direct sunlight or sun. Never dry your rubber boots by a heater. Never store your rubber boots in a closed bag.

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Rubber Boot Conditioner 150ml