Necketai, Dirt Camo

Ridgeline Necketai Dirt Camo | Lady Hunter UK


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The Ridgeline Neketai is a multi-functional neck piece that can also be adapted for head protection.

Wear around the neck to keep wind from blowing through any gaps around your outer layers, or over your face as a face warmer or to camouflage your skin.

The Neketai can also be wrapped around your head as a scarf or hat to protect from cold weather and hot sun.

Made from soft, stretch polyester fabric.

Printed in Ridgeline's latest digital camouflage design DIRT (Digital Impressed Rasterised Topography), and ideal for most hunting in Europe. Th new DIRT Camo pattern merges in to surrounding dry and rocky ground making it almost impossible to be seen with even the human eye.

Colour: Dirt Camo

Windproof | Stretch | Breathable | Multi-Functional | Head & Neck Protection | Camouflage

97% Polyester | 3% Elastane

62cm x 24cm

Washing Recommendations:
Cool machine wash using a non-scented and non-biological washing detergent without using fabric softener. Reshape whilst damp. Line dry or dry flat.