Hoggs of Fife

Northumberland Dealer Boots

Hoggs of Fife Northumberland Dealer Boots | Lady Hunter UK

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Weather-proof and breathable, rugged country boots for the active outdoors lady. 

These durable ladies yard boots are fully waterproof up to the elasticated gusset and will keep your feet dry in up to 3 inches of wet or muddy ground.

Featuring a handy pull tab and discreet Hoggs of Fife branding on the outside of the heel. 

The removable anatomic insole offer outstanding shock absorption ensuring their comfort for long walks and hours of wear on a daily basis.

Crafted from water resistant leather with a breathable and waterproof inner lining and a strong rugged outsole.

These tough, comfortable and stylish country boots are ideal for working on the farm, with your horses, walking in the woods or with your dogs, or simply for everyday wear with a touch of country style.

Colour: Dark Brown

100% Full Grain Waxy Water Resistant Leather | Breathable, Waterproof Lining | Elasticated Gusset | Rugged, Country Outsole | Removable Anatomic Insole | Branded Pull Tab at Heel

Care Information:
To prolong the life of these boots recommend regular cleaning to remove dirt or mud as its best not to store your boots with dry mud on as it can be acidic and damage the leather and waterproofing. 

To clean your boots rinse with warm water and gently brush away any dirt or mud with a boot brush. For extra care you can use a footwear cleaning gel or cream. Leave your boots to dry for 12-24 hours. Always allow your boots to air dry naturally. When dry apply boot wax to condition and protect the leather.