Sneaky Ghillie Pull-Over Set w. Gloves

Deerhunter Sneaky Ghillie PullOver Set | Lady Hunter UK


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Blend into your surroundings when Deer Stalking and Hunting in woodland areas with Deerhunters special designed pull-over Ghillie set.

A real stalkers must have set. Also ideal for migratory bird hunting.

The Sneaky Ghillie set features an integrated facemask with cap, gloves with rubber dots on the palms so you can grip your weapon securely. 

Featuring Deerhunters Innovative GH Camouflage design created from a mixture of ground hunting scenarios, but also bird level scenarios. The 3D effect is made prominent with earth coloured tones and pattern in order to achieve optimal camouflage

Suitable for both men and women.

Sizes from S to 3 XL available.

Colour: Innovation GH Camouflage

Lightweight | Quiet | Gloves w. silicon grip | Camouflage

100% Polyester

Washing Recommendations:
It is not recommended to wash this product. However, due to your reasons for wearing it and the function it is designed for the more earthy and muddy it gets the more blended and less human smelling you will be in the outdoors maximising your opportunities to get closer to nature and the game.