Deerhunter Bamboo Socks (3 Pairs)

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These bamboo socks are perfect for warmer seasons. They are soft, comfortable. lightweight and highly breathable due to the bamboo fibres that have a slightly cooling effect on your skin.

Bamboo also has anti-bacterial properties and the fibres reduce smells and odours and maintain high breathability as moisture is drawn away from your skin. Perfect for the spring and summer seasons, or milder weather.

If you suffer from cold feet in the winter, and maybe don't have neoprene lined or insulated boots these lightweight bamboo socks can be worn underneath more insulated socks for extra warmth and protection to prevent having icy cold toes.

Colour: Green or Black Ink.

Soft | Comfortable | Light Weight | Breathable | Regulates Foot Temperature | Anti-Bacterial | Moisture Wicking

70% Bamboo | 28% Polyamide | 2% Elastane

Washing Instructions:
We recommend washing at 30 degrees using a non-scented and non-biological washing detergent without using fabric softener. It is recommended to line dry bamboo clothing rather than using a tumble dryer. These socks are dry cleanable.

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Deerhunter Bamboo Socks (3 Pairs)