Lady Hunter was born out of my passion for hunting and shooting and my frustrations when it came to sourcing fit-for-purpose, functional and well-fitting clothing for women who hunt. I found it difficult to source the right clothing for women who really hunt, and I'm not just talking about tweed and country clothing for the lady shooter, which is readily available, but real functional clothing for real hunting in all terrains, climates and weather conditions.


Although ladies hunting clothing is available on the market, and the number of women who now enjoy hunting as a past-time or way of life is increasing steadily each year, the clothing itself seemed to be spread out among different retail stores and websites, with limited stock, sizing and styles, as most of the collections for women were hidden among men’s and rather limited. The information for the technologies, correct layering, and how to choose the right items for certain types of hunting was also not easy to find, and when I first started hunting I found myself often cold, wet or uncomfortable in the field, and discovered I had purchased items that were not fit-for-purpose. I spent much time searching limited stock in retail stores and paying for delivery or return fees to various different websites.


The concept of Lady Hunter is to become a one stop shop and lifestyle brand for women who hunt, offering a variety and selection of functional clothing all in one place to take the time, confusion and difficulty out of sourcing your clothing for woodland, forest, field, or mountains, and with a wealth of information to help you make an informed choice on the items that are right for you and your outdoor pursuits.


Lady Hunter will continue to search and source a variety of ladies hunting apparel and accessories, and will add to the information and collections as we grow, and we are always interested to hear your feedback and stories.




Lady Hunter 🌿🐾