Lady Hunter was born out of a passion for hunting and shooting, and the frustrations a woman can feel when it comes to sourcing fit-for-purpose, functional and well-fitting clothing for women that take part in hunting, and enjoy country sports, the outdoors and being in nature.


Our founder didn't pick up a shotgun or rifle until her late 30's, and she really didn't have any idea where to buy the right clothing, or what to wear. She didn't grow up in a rural, country side or shooting community, or have any family members or friends around to give her advice. Shooting and hunting to her seemed very much a male dominated sport, and most of the advice on clothing for game shoots and hunting she received in her earlier days were from well-meaning men she met at shooting grounds, rifle ranges, and game days.


Quite often the clothing she purchased wasn't always suitable or didn't feel particularly feminine, as choice and sizes in local gun shops and country clothing stores was pretty limited for women. Eventually, she met other women in the shooting and hunting community who work their dogs and beat on game days, shoot themselves, or enjoy deer stalking and other types of hunting. There seemed to be a common problem for women in this community when it came to sourcing practical, comfortable and fit for purpose clothing, with a variety of sizes and fits to suit the many figures of modern women of today, although women taking up country sports is a growing trend.


A little research did show that ladies country and shooting clothing is available on the market, and there are a number of brands  that now cater for women, sometimes the clothing for specific types of hunting wasn't always as easy to find as clothing for men, and far less easier to source than traditional tweed for game days, or general country clothing for women. Woman's clothing itself seemed to be spread out among different retail stores and websites, often hidden among mens ranges and with limited stock, sizing and styles. The information for the technologies, correct layering, and how to choose the right items for certain types of hunting was also not easy to find, and when first starting out in this sport as a 'newbie' a woman can often find herself cold, wet or uncomfortable in the field. It seemed women spent much time searching limited stock in retail stores and paying for delivery or return fees to various different websites.


Wanting to solve this problem for women, the concept for Lady Hunter became clear; to become a one stop shop and lifestyle brand for women who hunt and enjoy country sports, offering a variety and selection of functional clothing all in one place to take the time, confusion and difficulty out of sourcing female clothing for woodland, forest, field, or mountains, and with a wealth of information to help women make an informed choice on the items that are right for them and their outdoor pursuits.


Lady Hunter researches and sources a variety of ladies hunting and outdoors apparel and accessories with careful thought to the practicality and functionality of the clothing, and also with the fit to be feminine. We are adding to our brands and apparel, and accessories as we grow, and we are always happy to hear your feedback. 




Lady Hunter 🌿🐾