Hunting Style for Women

The mission of Lady Hunter is to source the best practical, functional and fit for purpose clothing for all your hunting and outdoor pursuits, and to ensure you are comfortable and also stylish in the field, forest, mountains, African bush, or even just walking and working your dog. 

There is a growing community of women who hunt and enjoy country sports, although not a new trend, it is increasing, and the most suitable clothing for women can be difficult to find, as many gun shops and country sports outfitters have limited choice and selection for women who hunt. Shooting clothing is quite widely available as is country style apparel, but finding the most suitable functional clothing for true hunting is scarce for women. Here at Lady Hunter it is my mission to provide a range and selection of the best brands available all in one place, with helpful information on the clothing, the hunts, the adventures, and how hunting helps conserve our wildlife today.

Lady Hunter is searching the world to offer you the best hunting and outdoor  apparel and accessories for women, all in one place.


Lady Hunter