When choosing your hunting clothes it’s very important to ensure you have a good and functional system of layers so that you can regulate your body temperature and be comfortable, - the type of hunt, terrain and weather conditions being all important for the functionality and layering system of your clothing.

You should stock your hunting wardrobe with clothing for all seasons, light layers for warmer climates and physically challenging hunts, and warmer, thicker layers for colder climates. Waterproof is also very essential. Getting wet and being outdoors all day is no fun, so it’s important to wear outer layers that keep the rain off and dry out quickly. Most brands specialising in functional hunting clothing recommend a 3-Layer system. Sometimes this can be extended to a 4 or 5-Layer system depending on the brand and functionality of the clothing, type of hunt you are going to experience, and the terrain and weather conditions.


The 3 Layer System


Layer 1 - Base Layer 
The closest layer worn next to the skin. During physical activity or when climates are warmer outdoors, we begin to sweat. This is where the base layer comes into action and helps to eliminate moisture by wicking sweat from the skin, which then regulates body temperature, keeping wearers dry from perspiration . 

Layer 2 - Mid Layer
Featured on top of the base layer, is the mid layer, which aids in retaining body heat. Once again this layer helps to wick away sweat, whilst keeping the wearer warm and well insulated and can be recognised in a fleece or soft-shell form. 

Layer 3 - Outer Layer 
Also known as the shell is the layer in which retrieves the most impact and protects us against the wind and rain, creating a barrier.  This layer allows the sweat vapour to pass through and away from the body completely. This layer is lightweight and breathable.