Lady Hunter Brand Partnership

Here at Lady Hunter we are always on the look-out for quality and upcoming brands for ladies hunting apparel and accessories. Research shows a growing trend over the last two decades in most countries across the world there is an increasing number of women of all ages now taking part in hunting and shooting sports. The problem most women find, in the UK and in Europe is functional and fit for purpose clothing is hard to source, often with choice of size and selection being limited in retail outlets and hidden among a vast array of clothing for men. Women often end up sourcing different brands online with various webstores paying additional fees for postage, returns or exchanges, and not necessarily having the information upon purchase for the ordered items. We end up either just making do or being disappointed and frustrated with clothing that is either ill-fitting or not fit for purpose.

Here at Lady Hunter we aim to solve this problem for females in field sports and women who hunt.
We aim our marketing, our brand selection, and the information we provide for this growing number of women directly to this niche area. It is our mission to source, supply and provide a selection of the best quality hunting and outdoors clothing just for women, and to have all they need to source their clothing in one simple online store, to help solve not only the problem but grow the market for ladies hunting apparel, and brand awareness of the many brands out there now catering for the lady hunter.
If you would like your brand to be represented by us, showcased and/or sold through our online webstore please email