Gateway1 Fabrics and Technologies

Discover new territory with the extensive technology behind Gateway1 boots. Here you will find detailed information about the exclusive Japan-rubber, G1- air spacer, G1 75 rubber compound, Lynx ICE-GRIP+, insulated boots for extreme cold temperatures and many other exciting components and features which offer high functionality to answer the demands and needs out in nature of Gateway1 boots. This guide explains in more detail the functional fabrics and technologies used in Gateway1 boots:

Adjustable Gusset
The adjustable gusset on Gateway1 boots is at the top, back of the boots and is 100% waterproof. The gusset expands with extra waterproof material underneath that is securely attached to the outside of the rubber boot. The rubber is split at the back and this allows for adjustable width around the top of the lower leg. The gusset is adjusted by a strap with a grip fastener and additional hook to secure any extra strap so it is not left hanging.

The board liner lies on the base of the boot, beneath the neoprene and above the shank and outsole. It serves as the basic base board for the sole of the foot.

Coil Lining
The neoprene lining inside Gateway1 boots is of coiled design +5mm which secures optimal moisture transport and keeps your feet warm. The coil lining features a special developed pattern to transport moisture effectively away from the foot and leg during activity. Used alone it creates a cooling effect or combined with neoprene , G1 -air spacer and/or 3M Thinsulate for insulation purposes.

Comfort Rating
With the comfort rating Gateway1 estimate the lowest temperature where you have warm feet in low or zero activity. Depending on your body, socks and clothing this can vary but the comfort rating is a good indicator. Gateway1 have tested all their footwear very aggressively and made conservative estimates, so you might experience activities in far lower temperatures with warm feet which is only an advantage to you. Gateway1 always test with various conditions and people in addition to the laboratory climate chamber environment.

G1 75
Natural rubber is a mix of pure natural rubber mixed with additives to be used in a rubber boot. The rubber compound is rolled and prepared into rubber pieces which is die-cut and hand laid over the boot last.

G1 -Stage3 Footbed
The footbed support on Gateway1 boots supports the foot and provide shock absorption. Gateway1 footbeds are designed and developed to optimise fit and comfort depending on the style of boot. The Woodwalker Lady and Pheasant Gale Lady use the G1 -stage3 footbed which is fabric lined and utilises a shock absorbing base. The shape is orthotic to lock the foot and secure good take-off. the Shock-absorbing P.U. secure an all day activity with great comfort.

Heel Cap
An extra external heel cap unit on the outside heel of the boots to add stability and support to the foot.

Heel Kicker
The heel kicker is on the outside heel of the boot and is an indent that allows you to easily take the boot off by using the other foot and kicking off at the heel.

Heel Notch
This is a flex point in the back of the boots above the ankle that provides a unique fit when you need both stability from the upper and flexibility when you walk or sit in difficult positions.

Heel Unit
The heel on Gateway1 boots is at 90 degrees which is required for many activities in order to support a fixed point for the foot. The inside of the heel base also includes a shock absorber.

Gatway1 insulate many styles to give you warm feet by using the unique G1 -fleece or Coil Lining +5mm neoprene + 2mm G1-air spacer. For the highest insulation they add up to 800g 3M Thinsulate.

Japan Rubber
Is a multi-layer rubber laminated together with a rubber net - by that obtains extra reinforcement and protection. Up to 2.5 times stronger in flex tests.

Lace Lock
A lace lock on either side of the boot by the ankles that makes it easy to adjust the lacing to whatever fit is required. Lace eyes for added fit and comfort is a standard of Gateway1 footwear.

Inspired by the Scandinavian lynx and the immaculate grip of its paws. The outsole rubber compound has been developed and tested in the harshest of winter environments in Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe. Lynx ICE-GRIP+ is featured in footwear for general outdoor use such as hiking, hunting or fishing as well as for industrial and work environments.

Unlike most rubber compounds, Lynx ICE-GRIP+ offers 2-way grip at -25C, and can withstand temperatures down to -45C without losing grip. The compound has been tested in the field and the lab. 

Just like a traditional table tennis bat with two rubber compounds, the outsole rubber compound of Lynx ICE-GRIP+ is developed in such a way that it uses the grip function when needed, while the durable reinforcement part of the compound is used in areas of critical wear. The rubber compound is based on a formula of natural rubber mixed with synthetic rubber as known from winter tires for vehicles.

However, people need a special type of grip in order to break in the heel and the forefoot of the footwear. Thus, the compound is placed strategically, optimising the footwear's grip and reinforcement. Typically, you use a softer and less wear-resistant compound to obtain better grip in cold environments, but by combining grip and reinforcement, Lynx ICE-GRIP+ offers and optimal solution. 

Outsole treads vary nd are often based on the type of activity that the footwear is developed for.

Features of Lynx ICE-GRIP+ are:

  • Can be used with all types of lug soles and tread designs
  • Exceptional comfort as forefoot flexibility stays the same
  • 2-way grip
  • Wide temperature range from mild conditions to extreme winter conditions
  • Optimal traction and grip in cold environments
  • No compromise on wear and tear

Outsole Systems
The outsole surrounds the upper and provides stability. In Gateway1 boots the outsole is made with Lynx ICE-GRIP (see above) rubber compound. In addition to the Lynx ICE-GRIP there are additional systems:

  • Mud-field - for hunting in demanding terrain (Pheasant Game Lady Boots)
  • All-terrain Gripper 2.0 - comfort as a running shoe with a 4x4 grip and added width for stability (Woodwalker Lady)

The Shank lies below the board liner (see above) and is made with glass fibre for extra comfort and support.