Deerhunter Technologies

Deerhunter produce functional hunting clothing with membranes to ensure their clothing is wind, waterproof and water resistant. You can write books on how membranes work, water column pressure and breathability. Is it noisy or silent? Is surface treatment necessary even though the product already has a good membrane? Different fabrics can be combined with different membranes and linings, resulting in a wide variety of products. The decisive factor in Deerhunter's choice of membranes and technologies is that it must match the purpose. Where is the product to be used? In what context, and what does it have to be able to withstand? Not want to bore you with technical details. Please see the guide below for the Deerhunter membranes and their differences:

Deer-Tex® membrane lies loosely between the outer fabric and the other layers. All seams are taped, making the product 100% waterproof. The loose membrane is particularly suited to products where there is a major emphasis on being noiseless, for example during stalking and bow hunting.

Deer-Tex® Performance Shell
Deer-Tex® Performance Shell membrane is laminated to the rear side of the outer fabric and taped in all seams, making it 100% waterproof. This membrane is exceptionally light, and is therefore used in Deerhunter’s more technical products.

Deer-Tex® Supreme
Deer-Tex® Supreme is a soft lightweight membrane which is only used in Deerhunter’s exclusive DXO series. During its production, Deerhunter has placed emphasis on its breathability being on par with its water penetration resistance. Deer-Tex Supreme is therefore a membrane which is ideal for working with wool.

Deerhunter Stormliner®
Deerhunter Stormliner® membrane is typically laminated to the outer fabric or between two layers of fabric, and is used on products without taped seams. Deerhunter Stormliner® membrane allows a very high level of breathability.