Buyers Guides

Here at Lady Hunter it’s important for us to give you as much information as possible to help you choose the most suitable clothing for your hunting and outdoor pursuits. Sizing and fit can vary from brand to brand so take a look at the Size Guides to give a better idea of the measurements and sizing for each brand. There is nothing more disappointing than being excited to receive your new hunting clothes only to find when trying on a size that would be your usual fit it’s too big, baggy, tight or small! The size guides should help you here.

For obvious reasons hunting and outdoor clothing is very technical. Many brands have developed their own technologies for hardwearing, light, warm and waterproof clothing that is practical, functional, comfortable and quiet. Sometimes this can be confusing. So where available, we have catalogued the different brands and their technologies here in this handy buyers guide to give you a better idea and understanding of the materials, fabrics, and design technologies so you can make an informed choice for the clothing that will best suit your needs, your adventures and your hunting.


A to Z - Fabric Basics



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