About Us

Lady Hunter provides functional, flattering and feminine, technical clothing and accessories for women who hunt, shoot and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors exploring our wild places and re-connecting with the countryside and our natural environment.

We specialise in ladies hunting, shooting and countryside clothing and accessories because in our experience its always been tricky to find a good selection for ladies with a choice of size, colours, styles and fits that actually keep you warm, dry and comfortable. It’s even harder knowing what’s the right kind of clothing to suit your needs and activity, especially when you’re new to this lifestyle.

We say ‘lifestyle’ because once you start hunting and reconnecting with our planet, our wildlife, and our wild places it really does become a part of you. We understand hunting may be seen in negative terms by many people today, we feel this is because it’s greatly misunderstood, and the majority of us are disconnected from our roots as hunter gatherers.

We believe in sustainable ethical conservation hunting to preserve our wild places, wild animals, the biodiversity of our natural environment, and to provide healthy organic food from field to fork to feed our families. We’re conscious of the affect we have on our planet as our populations and carbon footprint grows. For us hunting is a natural way of life. We care about the impact we have on our planet and we're quite fond of up-cycled and natural products too.

Lady Hunter is the creation of one woman who after a big shake-up in her life rediscovered her love of wild places through hunting, shooting and enjoying time in the great outdoors. She is a member of many clubs and associations and has hunting connections all over the globe.

She found it difficult to source the most fit-for-purpose clothing for the modern day lady hunter and realised she wasn't the only one. More and more women today are joining their male counterparts and taking to the fields, forest or mountains, or simply have a desire to get more connected to our countryside on their own. Hence Lady Hunter was created.

Our collections are for the women of the world who require functional, fit-for-purpose clothing that still makes you feel feminine and comfortable in the countryside. We choose our brands based on our own experiences and offer only the best clothing, accessories and equipment to best suit your needs.

We're always happy to hear from our customers and like-minded women. So if you have any questions, queries or would like to tell us about something you think we should stock please get in touch, we'd love to connect and hear from you.



Lady Hunter