Our collection of weekend and travel bags are made with quality materials and are perfect for weekends away or long adventurous journeys. Prepare for your adventures with one of our stylish and practical travel bags. Hunting trips can be short and local, or long and adventurous and there is usually much planning and preparation in the days, weeks or months leading up to it. Worrying about your luggage and packing is the last thing you want on your mind. It's nice to arrive in style with a classic weekend or travel bag that can be quickly and conveniently packed and loaded into your vehicle or carried to the airport and easily transported around with you.

Weekend & Travel Bags

The Fella Travel Bag  by GT Outdoors Italy is made with strong, durable and naturally water resistant linen. The Fella...
 The GT Outdoors Rosandra Travel Bag is made with tough, durable, and water resistant Cordura fabric, with 100%...