Pheasant Game Lady Boots

Pheasant Game Lady Boots


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Probably the best boots for muddy, cold days in the field, forest or woodlands. Ideal for deer stalking, beating, picking up, working on the farm or with your horses.

Pheasant Game Lady are outstandingly comfortable boots that caress and cushion your feet, keeping your toes warm and you standing upright on even the muddiest and slippiest ground.

These boots are easy to take on and off and have an adjustable gusset at the back for a comfortable fit making them suitable for both larger or slimmer calf sizes.

The Mud-Field outsole, glass fibre shank, G1-stage3 footbed (unique to Gateway1), and extra reinforced Japan-Rubber make them outstandingly tough and durable boots that will withstand excessive use and rough terrain.

+5mm neoprene coil lining and G1 75 vulcanised natural rubber ensure they'll keep your feet warm and protected whatever the weather, and they've been tested to prove that with results that show warm feet and toes in cold conditions down to -10C.

The Lynx ICE-GRIP secures optimal grip in min. -45C, so it doesn't matter if its wet and muddy or frozen and icy outside you'll be sure to keep standing on your feet and not sliding around.

A classic design of rubber boot combined with advanced technology.

If you're hunting, bird shooting, beating or dog walking these are a trusted, reliable, sturdy and comfortable boot.

Colour: Dark Brown

Fitting Notes:
An excellent fit around the lower legs. We find they do come come up a little small in the foot size, especially if you're wearing thicker socks. We recommend a ordering a size or two above your usual shoe size for a good and comfortable fit around the toe.

Adjustable Calf Fit | Calf Gusset with Strap and Grip Fastener | Mud-Field Outsole | Glass Fibre Shank | G1 -Stage3 Footbed | Neoprene Coil Lining | G1 75 Vulcanised Natural Rubber | Reinforced Japan Rubber | Lynx ICE-GRIP | Strong | Warm | Comfortable | Durable | Non-Slip

Outsole - Mud-Field | Shank - Glass Fiber | Lining - Neoprene Coil +5mm | Upper - G1 75 Vulcanised Natural Rubber | Reinforcement - Japan-Rubber | Grip - Lynx ICE-GRIP

Care Information:
To care for your rubber boots and maintain function, extend durability and life span we recommend treating them from time to time with Gateway 1 Rubber Conditioner. Never leave your boots in direct sunlight or sun. Never dry your rubber boots by a heater. Never store your rubber boots in a closed bag.