High Seat Hunting

In the UK our deer management is either stalking on foot or sitting in a high seat. The clothing you wear and the layers are all important for your comfort and can differ depending on if you are sitting still for long periods in a high seat or actively walking and hiking the hills and highlands of Scotland or woodland areas. For high seat hunting as you are sitting still for long periods in all weather conditions its important to layer up with the appropriate clothing made from the most suitable fabrics to keep you warm and dry.

Opting for a five layer approach with additional waterproofing can be the difference for your comfort and enjoyment. We recommend a close to the skin thermal base layer with added long sleeve top or shirt, with two mid-layers being a fleece, jumper or gilet with an added insulating layer such as a padded jacket or softshell, and the outer shell, your jacket, with an additional waterproof layer to hand should you need it. Your trousers should be looser fitting and comfortable, some stretch in the fabric with pre-shaped knees is also useful. Gloves, a warm hat that wont fly away in the wind and a jacket or waterproof layer with a hooded option are also essential items.