Deerhunter Women's Clothing

The great outdoors, freedom and excitement all rolled into one ... hunting attracts those looking for adventure and challenges.

For hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, it's important that your clothing is wind and waterproof, breathable and lightweight, and that any camouflage is adaptive and suited to your surroundings, the type of hunting, the vegetation and the terrain. As a hunting lifestyle brand ourselves some of the main qualities we look for in a brand to introduce are functionality, high performance, technologies and a history or knowledge in hunting adventures and lifestyle. Deerhunter have been developing and designing functional clothing from 1927 and in 1985 the Engel family combined their passion for hunting into their workwear collection producing today's popular hunting and leisure brand Deerhunter.

Deerhunter are one of the first European brands to embrace and offer a wide collection of functional hunting and adventure apparel for women. The Deerhunter women's collection offers a wide variety of clothing choice for women, made from high performance fabrics with a functional and feminine fit, matching accessories and all at very reasonable prices. There is something from this collection for all women who enjoy an active outdoors life.