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Posted on February 24 2021

Up-Cycled, Handcrafted, Sustainable Gifts | Lady Hunter UK


As an Earth conscious company we're rather fond of up-cycled, sustainable and natural products. We recently added some interesting jewellery and gift items to our available collections hand crafted by J Boult Designs. The collection consists of cufflinks, earrings, key rings and gift items, all handcrafted from natural, up-cycled and locally sourced materials, ideal for men and women alike.

We like to work with people and brands who have similar backgrounds and ethics to our own and thought it would be great to introduce you to Jamie Boult the mastermind behind J Boult Designs.

Jamie Boult is a young designer living in a small, tight knit community in the Western Scottish Highlands. Being the son of a Gamekeeper, Jamie grew up on remote Scottish estates around the country and went on to study design in Edinburgh. While he was studying he found that up-cycling, sustainable and responsible design was particularly intriguing.

Whilst at university Jamie was inspired to set up J Boult Designs and work alongside his studies. It became his full-time work and craft when he returned to the Highlands. He now works on his small craft business from his rustic Highland workshop, located in his back garden, with his partner India Annan, and their black Labrador, Luna.

In Scotland, craftsmanship is a part of the native DNA, from weaving fabric, making tools, to furniture and everything in between. In the Highlands, reusing materials is second nature even before up-cycling was trendy. There’s a running joke that balers twine is a teuchters (Lowlander Scots for Highlander) best friend, fixing everything from a gate to an engine as buying new is not always better. Jamie wanted to create handmade pieces that personally connect and inspire the owner with a feel for the hills, glens and lochs of the Highlands and reminding them of nature.

In this modern life there is a detachment with nature which is both concerning in a practical sense - as the climate is warming, population is growing, life is at a much faster pace and so wasteful - and in a psychological sense as now more than ever we need to be closer to where we truly belong, to reconnect to our wild roots and take notice of the 'real' world around us and what it has to offer. A life far removed from over-consuming and throw away culture. Jamie is a firm believer in getting closer to nature and is passionate about collecting, catching and hunting wild food, which clearly shows through his designs and the materials he uses.

The symbiotic relationship between the ancient and instinctive need to gather and hunt food by creating pieces that use every part of the animal have always fascinated Jamie, seeing beautiful symmetry by up-cycling materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Nature and the natural world uses everything at its disposal, so why should we be so wasteful, and produce new products from unnatural materials when what we really need is already here for us?

Some of our favourite products from the collection are the antler cufflinks and key rings as each pair of antler cufflinks and each cut of antler for the key rings are unique. There is variation in antler as it depends on the size of the stag, where and how he lived, his natural habitat, his food, and so many other factors. Red Deer are one of the only two truly indigenous species of deer in the UK, and their food, habitat and environmental conditions mean that each species and each deer are also unique in some way, just like Jamie's work. He comments that deer antler is a beautiful material to work with and one that we have been working with for thousands of years.

Jamie's workshop is in his back garden nestled among the hills and vales with the most beautiful and inspiring scenery. All the products from J Boult Designs are handmade by Jamie with his own two hands and basic tools in his workshop. He has a talent for discovering new ways to utilise materials he's found or are given to him by local fellow Highlanders to create tactile pieces.

All materials used are ethically sourced and collected from local estates, clay pigeon shooting grounds, slate quarries and farms. Just like us at Lady Hunter, J Boult designs use recycled and sustainable packaging whenever possible, and do everything they can throughout the crafting process to minimise carbon footprint being conscious of the care and consideration we need to encourage and remind ourselves to support our planet and future way of life.

We are delighted to support Jamie and his designs by offering them through our website. These unique and sustainable gifts inspire our remembering of nature and the natural world around us. You can shop the collection by brand or in the categories from our homepage. So if you're browsing for outdoor and country clothing or accessories do take a look at the collection as they make a thoughtful and special gift for special people and special occasions.

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