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Posted on January 22 2021

Guest Blog: Wild Scoundrels Wild Food | Lady Hunter UK

Introducing Wild Scoundrels. If you love cookery shows, wild game, and if local and sustainable food is your thing you really need to read this blog. Wild Scoundrels are bringing the fun back into food media.

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Wild Scoundrels is a project setup by writer and filmmaker Tom Radford and award winning chef Jaimie Haselock (Gamey Jaimie). The original plan was to shoot a series showcasing Jaimie’s Cooking and Tom’s love of the countryside, especially the West Country, including foraging for wild food, fishing, country pursuits and traditions etc. We were both very disillusioned with the chefs and cooking shows we saw on TV and also programs about the countryside. They all seemed very dull and formulaic. Our initial brief was to make ‘River Cottage Meets Top Gear’.

Both of us are huge fans of Keith Floyd and Anthony Bourdain and yearn for the cheek and charisma of their shows. As the project developed we realised that there was also a shared passion for local, seasonal ingredients as well as sustainably sourced and produced food. As we began to meet the producers and work with their produce we discovered there were amazing stories and characters to be discovered and this added a new dimension to the project.

Another bugbear is the disconnect between the rural and urban mindsets and how these two groups of people don’t understand each other. From the perspective of country dwellers, it was clear that they have a deep mistrust of the urban mindset and feel persecuted for participating in country pursuits that are seen as cruel and taboo in the popular press. Whilst we don’t want to wade into the various nuances of arguments about hunting, in terms of the Wild Scoundrels Show we understand that most hunted animals lead a better life than intensively reared animals and the meat they produce is better quality and healthier. There seems to be an opportunity here to educate the next generation and try to steer away from the stereotypical image of the ‘posh bloodthirsty toffs and their weird food’. People should eat more game, and wild food generally as it’s variety, delicious and healthy.

The plan is to build our following on social media, affiliate with producers and brands, share our recipes and food experiences and ultimately to shoot the video series and, with luck, find a home for it either on TV or on an online channel.

Currently we have two ventures on the go; Wild Dinners and Roastdonation. Wild Dinners are complete multi-course meals made from locally sourced seasonal ingredients hand cooked by Gamey Jaimie and delivered to the customer. Roastdonation is a project where we try to encourage our followers to cook up a roast and give it to someone who needs a smile.


Wild Scoundrels can be found at:

Instagram: @WildScoundrels and @TheBitesizeReview




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