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Posted on February 24 2020

Footwear from the Frontiers | Lady Hunter UK


Gateway 1 is a new up and coming brand of quality and functional footwear for the great outdoors. I've been wearing the Lady Pheasant Game Rubber boots during the last pheasant season and pretty much everyday when out walking and training my cocker spaniel, and I'm really impressed. They are comfortable, warm, easy to slip on and off, with an adjustable strap at the back and expanding gusset so they fit well on all leg shapes, and the grip on the outsoles ensures I stay standing even on the slippiest, muddiest ground. It's not surprising that Gateway 1 have been selected as finalists for the Shooting Times Shooting Awards - a great achievement for a relatively new company in the market.

The purpose for Gateway 1 was to achieve the development of a great product with optimal fit, function and comfort. Their ethos - to provide reliability and quality inline with social and environmental responsibilities, resulting in the introduction of highly functional and rugged boots for the active outdoor world, with features such as Japan Rubber, G1-air spacer, G1 75 rubber compound, and Lynx ICE-GRIP, all of which you can read more about here in the Buyers Guide. The boots are insulated for extreme cold temperatures, with high functionality and answer to the demands and needs out in nature.


The Gateway 1 brand name is inspired from honouring the same title used in the pioneering days of the USA's birth. Settlers, frontiersmen, fur trappers and other adventurers often named the first chosen landing spot "Gateway One" upon initial passage of the great rivers. These strategical locations had many functions to support the frontiersmen. As hubs of the fur trade and supply chain they were vital for the survival of the next season. By this name the brand want to express the functionality of their footwear in even the harshest weather and environments in nature, as the choice to get you through, as those "Gateway Ones" performed as the keys to surviving the frontiers - and the Gateway 1 brand really lives up to those standards.

Gateway 1 design, develop and test their boots in Scandinavia - the perfect terrain and climate for thorough testing and putting the boot through their paces. All styles are tested functionality, comfort and temperature ratings. Gateway 1 are also eco-aware and ensure their boots and the packaging are environmentally friendly.

Here at Lady Hunter we have the Lady Pheasant Game and Woodwalker Lady boots, and will be adding to the collection in the near future.

Although your Gateway 1 boots are tough, strong and durable, all clothing and footwear if it is to last needs proper care and attention from time to time, and we recommend cleaning them and protecting with Rubber Boot Conditioner.

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