The Classic Venison Sandwich

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Posted on March 29 2021

The Classic Venison Sandwich | Lady Hunter UK

The Classic Venison Sandwich


“Getting up at 3am, driving for hours, potentially getting drenched by rain, getting cold or being completely eaten by mosquitos, and all for a piece of meat which you’re going to marinade for one or two days – or god forbid – three or four! The wild meat/game must be natural, simple and real, and there are thousands of recipes out there for some amazing dishes but I’ve chosen a venison sandwich for its simplicity and the personal options you can add to it” – Alex Vankov, The Roe



Fillet of Venison 300-400gr (a steak is also an option, but it needs to be 2ins/5cm thick. Can also use pigeon breast)
1 Large red onion, sliced
Sugar and balsamic glaze (for caramelising the onion)
A handful of spinach
Olive oil
Salt and black pepper
Ciabatta bread


Fry the venison fillet on all sides until golden brown and place in the oven for 4-5 minutes on 180°C for medium-rare.

While frying the fillet start caramelising the onion with a little sugar and a good amount of balsamic glaze. 

“Butterfly” your ciabatta and drizzle with olive oil then place under the grill to toast until crispy and golden.

When the venison has been in the oven for 4-5 minutes remove the fillet and set it aside to rest under some kitchen foil.

When your ciabatta is crisply and golden remove it from the grill. Spread butter on one side and mustard on the other (the mustard is best spread generously).

Meanwhile, the onions should be caramelising nicely, and the fillet once rested is ready to slice.

Spread the caramelised onion on the buttered side then layer with slices of venison fillet on top.

Season the meat with salt and black pepper then top it with spinach or other salad leaves of your choice.

 Tuck In!


The perfect post-hunt snack that can be whipped up quickly and eaten at any time of day and at any time of year.


* * *


Alex Vankov is a keen conservationist and semi-professional UK deerstalker and wildlife manager based in Kent who developed a passion for hunting from a very early age. He combines his passion for sustainable hunting with wildlife management and is a keen chef, also passionate in healthy organic and wild food believing that no part of the animal hunted should ever go to waste. Alex experiments with different dishes made using the organic wild meat of venison, pigeon, rabbit and sometimes wild boar that he harvests from the farms and wildlife estates he manages here in the UK. Alex truly lives the hunting lifestyle, as naturally has he can in this modern age, and his dishes are truly mouth-watering culinary delights made with British wild game and organic ingredients. He also has another interesting talent – creating intricately detailed carvings from natural materials such as antler, bone and wood.


To find out more about Alex, his wildlife management or his creative carvings visit one of the following links: 

Instagram: @alex.v_theroe 



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