Fillet of Venison in Blackberry Vodka Jus

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Posted on January 22 2021

Fillet of Venison in Blackberry Vodka Jus | Lady Hunter UK


Fillet of Venison in Blackberry Vodka Jus


A Gamey Jaimie Recipe

Following on from the guest blog in our Journal from Wild Scoundrels, we're honoured to share with you a delicious wild venison recipe from their chef Jamie. Jaimie likes to cook with big flavours, simple ingredients and high quality ingredients. Here we have one of his signature dishes, in fact it’s the one that won him ‘Game Chef of the Year’.


Filet of Venison
Port or Madeira
Stock Cube


Pan fry the whole rack with butter thyme garlic and rosemary to brown.

Then put in a very hot oven for 10 mins

Take out wrap in foil and cling film (Keeps it juicy)

Put the blackberries into a pan with sugar and a glass of vodka and reduce down

Add a good slug of port/madeira

Add half a stock cube and reduce down again

Take out the venison and slice into good sized portions

Place blackberries around the meat evenly

Drizzle over the reduced sauce

 *Serve with new potatoes and Celeriac puree (boiled up with butter and cream)


* * *

To find out more about Wild Scoundrels visit the Guest Blog in our Journal or visit any of the following links.

Instagram: @WildScoundrels and @TheBitesizeReview





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  • Leannder Brown: January 22, 2021

    This recipe looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it out

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