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Posted on December 18 2020

Campfire Stories | Lady Hunter UK

A fire consumes, warms and illuminates, and its symbolic meaning varies wildly depending upon the context of its use. It can bring light, and warmth, but also death and pain. As in nature that brings us beauty and joy, a fire can also be harsh and unforgiving.

A campfire symbolic of learning and skills, the skills to build, to gather the materials that tinder and catch fire easily. Just like a good story that ignites your creativity, invokes your feelings, and sets your mind racing with ideas.

A campfire is for cooking, for sustaining and nourishing you. It's a place where song resides, for dance and laughter. A campfire is for friendships, shared interests and common goals. It brings us together, relaxes and comforts. 

As a child I always enjoyed listening to stories around the dinner table. Now as an adult I still enjoy dinner-time stories, or discussions late at night with friends over cognac and conversation, but nothing beats campfire stories, real stories, from real friends shared around the warmth and glow of the campfire. Brave souls retelling their adventures and sharing them with their nearest and dearest, or like-minded individuals that have been lucky enough to unite, sometimes in unusual circumstances.

The essence of the campfire for me, sums up everything I feel about hunting, the learning and the skills, creativity captured while you hike and hunt, cleansing your mind, freeing your soul, cooking, laughing, and sharing stories with friends old and new. 

For all these reasons I thought it would be nice to share some of the stories of our friends in the field. From professional hunters in the heart of Africa, ladies in the field and forest, or those extreme wild souls who climb mountains and explore parts of the world many wouldn't dare to. Much can be learnt from listening to the stories of others, and life experience shared is valuable and precious, and some thing to be grateful for.

So indulge yourself in the campfire stories I'm collecting from friends across the world, stories I would like to share with you about adventures and experiences, here in the Lady Hunter blog. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmth of the campfire.

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